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Smart Home Solution for special façade opening system Smart Home (Beijing) Construction Material Co., Ltd was funded in 2003, it is a professional provider with solution for window and door hardware system, façade opening system, and related product
Smart Home(Beijing) Construction Material Co., Ltd is working on the market of Mainland China and surrounding. Supplying the professional window and door opening fittings( like: French opening, Tilt and Turn opening, Sliding window and door, hinged and
folding door system, Central folding window, hidden hinge opening system, parallel opening system, heavy duty—over 200kg opening system, etc); manual or electric control window openers, small ventilation system, electric hinged door opener, lamellar win
dow system, etc.
In meanwhile, supplying related consultant service for architects, system organizer. Smart Home (Beijing) Construction Material Co., Ltd inherit the principle of “Solution for one”, would like to supply special products and related service.
Smart Home (Beijing) Construction Material Co., Ltd is a professional supplier for façade and window & door opening system with so lutions and fittings.