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Introduction of exposition

Since it opened in 2012,China International Windoor City has successfully held 3 times of China(Gaobeidian) International Windoor Festivals, hundreds of domestic and international meeting,accumulative total more than 600000 exhibitions, it has got the strongly support of Industnal Organizitions,government leaders at all levels and trade colleagues at home and abroad.Nearly thousand top companies from more than 20 countries regard Windoor City as the platform of business communication,the popularization and application of new product as well as new technology in China. At present, 112 foreign and more than 300 domestic famous companies have entered Windoor City for a long time, and realized the industry gathering and international interaction, successfully set up the bridge of China and world Windoor industrial cooperation.
China International Windoor City will greet “The fourth China(Gaobeidian) International Windoor Festival”. Exposition features with “larger,higher popularity,more products,more highlights”,we sincerely invite you here.

The People's Government of Baoding city
Hebei Development and Reform Commission
Hebei Science and Technology Department
Commerce Department of Hebei Province
Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Hebei Province

China Construction Metal Structure Association

Co- Sponsors:

China Real Estate Association
China Building Decoration Association
All Real Estate Chamber of Commerce
China Academy of Building Research
International Partner
Embassy of Germany in Beijing,China
German Industry & Commerce Greater China | Beijing
Passivhaus Institut
Europe Construction Hardware Association
French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China
Benelux chamber of commerce in China
Austcham Greater China

The People's Government of Gaobeidian City
China International Windoor City

10 exhibition halls of totally 100000㎡ 

Over 600 well-known companies from more than 20 countries at home and abroad.
More than 300 real estate companies and 1500 windows and doors manufacturing companies
More than 60000 visitors, more than 600 central and local mainstream media.

Windows and Doors System
Aluminium Windoor, PVC Windoor, Aluminum cladding wood Windoor, Wood Windoor, Intelligent Windoor, New-profile Windoor,Winter Garden,Screen Window

Passive House, Energy-Saving Building materials
Vacuum insulation board, Foam-glass, Thermal insulation glass wool ,Phenolic heat-imsulating board, Polyurethane heatinsulating board, Water-proof thermal insulating materials, Fresh air integrated machine, Fresh air purifying system
Architectural Shading and Ventilation
Shutter,venetian blind, External blinds roller shutter window, Outdoor metal shutter, Sunshade,Actuate and control System;all kinds of ventilator, Intelligent ventilation system
Building glass
All kinds of building glass, Building glass-film, Heat-insulating film ;Water paint,
Profile, Heat insulation series
Hardware parts of Windoor curtain wall, Bathroom hardware, window opener, sealing rubber strip, Aluminum spacing bar, angle combinationer, fastener, Broken bridge system
Hardware series
Hardware of Windoor, Hardware of curtain wall, Electric fenestration, window opener, Fasteners Paint series Water paint, Nitro woodware paint, Polyurethane wood paint Spraying gypsum
Seal products series
Silicone sealant, silicone structural sealant, building structure adhesive, Weather Proofing Sealant, Silicone glass glue, Aluminum plate glue, butyl rubber, Exterior caulking glue, fire-retardant glue, organosilicone sealant, Set Angle glue, polyurethane adhesive, foaming agent, Foam filled seam an agent single component, Two-component, sealing joint strip
Windoor equipment
Aluminum Windoor processing equipment, PVC Windoor processing equipment, Wood window processing and corollary equipment, Building glass processing equipment, cutter and all kinds of equipment accessories
Door series/Others
Business door, Industrial door, Garage door, Special door, Household door; software, relevant industry association and Service agency

Events and Activities

1.Opening Ceremony of the 4th China ▪ Gaobeidian International Win-Door Festival
Opening Ceremony of the 4th China▪Gaobeidian International Win-Door Festival will invite the leaders of relevant government departments at home and abroad, leaders of industry organizations, well-known entrepreneurs, planning designers and China and overseas mainstream media reporters to attend.
Time: 09:58 Sep. 21
Venue: China International Windoor City

The People's Government of Baoding city

Hebei Development and Reform Commission

Hebei Science and Technology Department

Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Hebei Province

Commerce Department of Hebei Province

China Construction Metal Structure Association

2.Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei International Energy-Efficient Building Industry Summit
During the same period, Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Building Energy-efficient Industry Summit will be held, the leaders of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei province, municipal governments, relevant leaders and experts in the field of building energy-saving will gather to exchange the opportunities for the development of the building materials industry and the next step of development direction. They will discuss how to maximize the technology, resources and geographical advantages of the three regions and strengthen the research cooperation in the field of building energy-saving in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei regions.
Time: 14:00 Sep. 21
Venue: China International Windoor City
Organizers: Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Hebei Province
Committee of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Beijing
Committee of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Tianjin

3.The 4th Windoor Festival Appreciation Dinner
By the theme of appreciation, communication and collaboration and the form of an outdoor buffet, provide a face to face platform for more than 3,000 industry celebrities, including internationally renowned CEOS, Chinese well-known windows&doors and curtain wall business executives, real estate businessmen, designers and material&equipment suppliers to communicate and discuss.
Time: 18:00 Sep. 21
Venue: North Plaza, International Windoor Science&Technology Building
Form: Buffet dinner
Organizers: The People's Government of Gaobeidian City

4.Development of 2017 China Energy-Efficient Win-Door Industry Summit
The Summit will invite the leaders of organizations at home and abroad, the real estate companies、industrial experts and entrepreneurs to dialogue and communicate on the cooperation of international windows&doors and curtain wall industry,industrial standards and testing, the foundation of building energy-saving system, the development of passive building, the demand of Energy-efficient win-door market and other popular topics, and to discuss the sustainable and leaping development road of China energy-saving win-door industry together.
Time: 09:00-17:00 Sep. 22
Venue: China International Windoor City
Organizers: China Construction Metal Structure Association

5.International Module House Seminar
The Seminar will organize relevant experts at home and abroad to hold a symposium about the design level of module house, key construction technique, acceptance criteria, cost management and other questions, in order to make our existing module house technology integrate with international technology and promote structural upgrade of building industry in China.
Time: 09:00 Sep. 22
Venue: International Windoor Science&Technology Building
Organizers: Housing industry promotion center of MOHURD

6.Annual Summit of All-China Federation of Industry&Commerce Windows&doors and curtain wall
The Summit is committed to creating the most efficient hardware, electrics and door industry trade platform. At that time,companies of industrial doors, electric doors, automatic doors, garage doors, steel doors, security doors, hangar doors and hardware, totally more than 100 enterprises exhibit from domestic and foreign.
Time: 13:30 Sep. 22
Venue: International Windoor Science&Technology Building
Organizers: All-China Federation of Industry&Commerce Windows&doors and curtain wall committee
Participant: Member units from All-China Federation Of Industry&Commerce Hardware &Electromechanical Chamber,
chargers of industrial doors, automatic doors, garage doors companies and etc.

7.The 1st Baoding Tourism Development Conference
Baoding has a long history, deep cultural background, natural beauty, the conference provide you a good chance to experience
Baoding's beauty and food.
Time: Sep. 22
Venue: Gaobeidian
Participant: The People`s Goverment of Baoding City

8.The 4th China Passive Building Conference
As the highest-level and the most influential meeting in the branch of china energy-saving architecture, there will be more than 1500 exhibitors from Chinese and foreign architecture institutes, designing institute, universities, green energy-saving architecture associations, environmental protection organizations, real estate companies, builders and etc. Experts and scholars from area of energy-saving and passive building will discuss passive ultra-low building related technology problems, energy-saving standard and its spread.
Time: Sep. 23-24
Venue: International Windoor City
Organizers: China Academy of Building Research

Visit Highlights

1.Prefabricated Ultra-low Energy Consumption Demonstration Building
Prefabricated ultra-low energy consumption demonstration building is constructed from demonstrating wood structure,internet + windows, intelligent home, GSHP, fresh air system, intelligent sun-shading, central dust removal system, air purification windows and doors, same-floor drain system, rainwater recycling and other more than 20 new technologies, centralized display the popular science propaganda building energy-saving function to the developers, design academy, scientific institutions and etc.
2.Windows and Doors Physical Performance Experience Center
Windows and doors air tightness, water tightness experience center simulate and demonstrate variety of typhoon and storm by the large scale equipment. Make the people feel the strong protection of high performance windows and doors providing in the center because of the power of storm.
3.China Windows and Doors Museum
Since the China Windows and Doors Museum opened in 2011, there are more than 200,000 visitors, which play an active role in promoting the windows and doors cultural development. In order to hold the 4th Win-Door Festival, the museum will all-round improve on comprehensive application of photoelectric, internet and new technologies, pay more attention to interaction and effect of experience.
4.Comprehensive Upgrading of Windoor City Enterprise Exhibits
All the enterprises in Windoor City attached much significance to this windows and doors festival. They will improve their booths, and update exhibits. Meantime, the highest technology standard products will be showed in the international pavilion, national pavilion, equipment pavilion and comprehensive pavilion.
5.Windoor City Development Pavilion
The new-built Windoor City Development Pavilion shows its history and the windows and doors industry developing at home and abroad.
6.National Enterprise Technology Center Lab
Set up the only national enterprise technology center Lab with international advanced 3D printing, hardware fatigue,corrosion resistant and other important laboratory equipment .

7.Passive Building Materials Production Base
So far there are the fresh air system, glass, sun-shading, profile and European and domestic famous building energysaving materials enterprises have been settled in Windoor City. All will be operated before 21th Sep. The producing basement gets approval of Dr. Wolfgang Feist, the father of Passive House. The production projects of resident base have been confirmed, mainly as below:
1.The first Nano coated glass production line of the world
2.A number of self-owned intellectual properties,eliminating haze fresh air machine production line
3.High performance Intelligent sun-shading system production line
4.Passive doors production line (The only achieved EU PHI certification in Asia)
5.Sino-German Joint Venture Zero Energy Comsumption Glass Production Line
6.High Performance Aluminum System Windows Production Area
7.Green intelligent home production line
8.Sino-German Joint Venture Passive Windows Production Line
9.High performance economic PVC passive windows production line
10.New graphite polystyrene board production line

8.Passive Ultra-low Energy Green Demonstrated Building — “ Train Passive House City”
The project of the largest national architecture masses and the highest standard of energy-saving was designed and built by united with Germany Passive Housing Institute. Make use of sun-shading, building intelligent system, rainwater recycling, eliminating haze fresh air system, sponge community and other new technologies and new concept. Introduce advanced education resources, and build retire, culture education, medical care, leisure in one comprehensive service, lead the China building energy-saving great-leap-forward development. 

9.National Green Intelligent Building Energy-Saving Headquarter 

The largest and richest domestic ecological technology pavilion that was built by German Passive House Institute built with us will be appeared formally during the Windows and Doors Expo. Which divide into Passive House Experience Area, Products Exhibition Area, and Comprehensive Technology Area. The passive house development idea, design and construction joints and future developing direction are all clear absolutely.
10.China-EU International Building Materials Supervision Detection Center
The Center is the most authoritative test institute of science research. Except for the wind resistance of traditional windows&doors and curtain wall, air tightness, water tightness, heat preservation and soundproof inspection, also increase newly wind resistance of building outer sun-shading , freeze thaw resistance of building exterior wall and building materials and windows and doors fire-resistance test.
11.Windows&Doors Science and Technology Building Eliminating Haze Fresh Air system Experience
Since the large public building eliminating haze fresh air system of research and development by our own was installed and operated about one year, the effect is obvious extremely, interior PM2.5 is controlled below 20.