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AGB Italy(ALBAN GIACOMO SPA) Since 1947 AGB ( Alban Giacomo Spa ) has been producing a complete range of hardware components, which are used all over the world to build windows and doors. The complete catalogue includes over 20,000 articles, completely manufactured in Italy in three high-tech plants, covering a total area of over 50,000 square meters. The variety of products and continuous technological innovation won the AGB company an European windows&doors hardware industry leadership. By virtue of its effective solutions and good service, AGB company has become the world's leading manufacturers of windows and doors most trusted partners.
AGB China(AGB(TIANJIN)BUILDING MATERIAL CO.,LTD) Following globalization and the growing focus on quality on the part of Chinese consumers, Alban Giacomo S.p.a has invested a wholly owned subsidiary company AGB(Tianjin) Building Hardware
Co.,Ltd, which is set to follow in the footsteps of the parent company by offering a range of excellent products and services in Asia.
We are made of ITALY.
The company strategy is based on the values of the Italian culture, which is recalled on the production process and marketing choices: Italian production, product customization, passion for research and creativity are the main guidelines to develop the
perfect product for each customer.
Product & Service Quality
AGB products are renowned for their quality and for their reliability over time. We have consolidated our reputation over many years, thanks to ongoing investment in process and product certification. AGB guarantees that its products are constructed and assembled in Italy on its own premises and with certified ISO 9001:2008 standard materials, technology and know-how. The AGB Research and Development Lab enables development of innovative, highperformance accessories for windows and doors.