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Add:Hanriederstrasse 1, 4152 Sarleinsbach, Austria
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My Life. My Door.
“Always the better door.”
You profit from 40 years of Entrance Door manufacturing experience.
PIENO is a family-run concern based in Sarleinsbach, Austria. The family Pilsl has a 40 year long tradition in the production of high quality doors. PIENO offers a new door segment in an absolute premium range. PIENO combines the first letters of the name Pilsl
and the meaning of the Italian word for "perfect". Mario Pilsl is the CEO and thus continues a decades-long family tradition.
The name Pilsl has been guaranteeing the highest quality in entrance door manufacturing for over 40 years. The PIENO doors are developed and produced from start to finish in their own manufacturing facilities in Sarleinsbach (Austria). Each door is made unique through supreme innovation, maximum quality and the longest lifespan, craftsmanship and high-tech.
PIENO Philosophy
A front door is the gateway to one´s own world and it plays a very crucial role.
A home is meant to be a place with an atmosphere where you can feel completely safe and comfortable. And as part of this comfort zone, the front door has to fit perfectly to the people who live in it. PIENO has the right answer: Every door expresses the
individuality of each family.
Every culture, every country and every market has its own ideas and tastes and it is one of the biggest strengths of PIENO doors to reflect the identity of every individual owner perfectly.
Show me your front door and I'll tell you who you are.
At first glance, a front door is often taken for granted, but in fact it is ofmajor importance on three levels:
Heat resistance
The production as the centerpiece. Latest machines combined with the handwork of the competent employees: An unbeatable combination or, in other words, the guarantee for a perfect front door.