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Roto Frank AG, with its headquarters in Leinfelden near Stuttgart,and more than 40 sales branches around the globe, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of opening systems for windows and doors.
Since 1997 Roto Franck Constructional Hardware Co., Ltd. has been represented in Beijing and other business centers, and has become China’s biggest supplier of high-quality technology for the fittings of wooden, PVC and aluminum doors and windows.
The unique Roto product portfolio provides for almost every desired way of opening windows. For turning to the inside or outside, titling, sliding, folding or lifting —there is Roto technology to suit every individual requirement.
The quality of Roto products is unique on the Chinese market. No other supplier is able to give a ten-year warranty on its products. Roto can only achieve this high level of commitment to its customers through excellent technical support before the purchase decision is made. A professional team of designers and technicians is available in China for this purpose.
“Our quality products will help China to reach its ambitious goals with regard to improving environmental and living conditions. ” Martin Martens, CEO of Roto Frank China.
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