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Rhenocoll, the worldwide well-known company, was founded in 1948 by Mr. Günter Zimmermann and is now the property of Mr. Werner Zimmermann - the second generation. Rhenocoll has two German based production facilities in Mannheim and Konken. The new headquarter built in 2002 more reflects the company's philosophy – Rhenocoll will be "a good friend of environment". Because the new office building of Rhenocoll is the first single office building with a design of "passive house" in Germany, which is the most energy-saving and environmental friendly construction way.
Stable high quality, persistent and strong R & D capability are pillars of the enterprise to progress continuously. Now, Rhenocoll has been recognized in the industry as synonymous with the doors and windows water based coatings.
The gist of Rhenocoll is to provide excellent products and efficient service. Meanwhile, Rhenocoll is always with the company philosophy of science and innovation. For environmental protection, we are duty-bound. In order to praise the contribution by Rhenocoll for innovation and environment, the Minister for Economic Affairs granted Rhenocoll the “Innovation Prize” in 2005 and again in 2009. In 2007, a Commendation of the “special activities for the environment” was presented by Horst Kohler, the German Federal President to Mr.Werner Zimmermann, the President of Rhenocoll.
Today, products of Rhenocoll are sold in 66 countries on six continents all over the world. Furthermore, in more than 20 of those countries branches or representative offices have been established. Rhenocoll Germany had entered China since 2001, who was the trailblazer of German specified water-based paints for doors and windows in the Chinese market. And now Rhenocoll has also developed into the leader of the Chinese market of specified water-based paints.